Top 10 Hong Kong Movies Of The 2010s

It’s hard to deny the fact that the once-thriving Hong Kong cinema has increasingly lost its lustre, particularly if to compare with the golden era of the 80s and 90s. But that doesn’t mean the Hong Kong cinema is hopelessly out of touch. Although most of today’s Hong Kong movies have to adhere to China’s strict censorship board, there are still a number of them that worth mentioning here. After spending the last two months rewatching the Hong Kong movies released from 2010 to 2019, here are ScreenHK’s Top 10 Hong Kong Movies of the 2010s.

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Invincible Dragon 九龍不敗 (2019) Review

In this Max Zhang’s new — though long-delayed — action movie Invincible Dragon <九龍不敗>, I originally found it hard to believe it was actually written and directed by Fruit Chan. Yes, the independent Hong Kong filmmaker who gave us movies like Made In Hong Kong <香港製造> (1997), The Longest Summer <去年煙花特別多> (1998) and recently, Three Husbands <三夫>.

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Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy 葉問外傳:張天志 (2018)

After proving himself as a worthy adversary against Donnie Yen’s titular grandmaster role in 2015’s Ip Man 3 <葉問3>, Max Zhang reprised his role as Cheung Tin-Chi in Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy <葉問外傳:張天志>, marking the first-ever spinoff from the hugely successful Ip Man <葉問> franchise.

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