G Storm G風暴 (2021) Review

2021 has finally come to an end and the last thing I need is a wannabe Hong Kong action blockbuster that is laughably atrocious. That blockbuster in question is G Storm <G風暴>, which is the fifth and final instalment in the (alphabet) Storm franchise.

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Invincible Dragon 九龍不敗 (2019) Review

In this Max Zhang’s new — though long-delayed — action movie Invincible Dragon <九龍不敗>, I originally found it hard to believe it was actually written and directed by Fruit Chan. Yes, the independent Hong Kong filmmaker who gave us movies like Made In Hong Kong <香港製造> (1997), The Longest Summer <去年煙花特別多> (1998) and recently, Three Husbands <三夫>.

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