40 Years Later: The Imp 凶榜 (1981)

Hong Kong horror movies are increasingly rare these days and the last time I saw one was the 2018 forgettable horror-comedy anthology called Lucid Dreams <八步半喜怒哀樂>, where screen veteran Teddy Robin Kwan serves triple duties as a star, director and co-writer.

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Hand Rolled Cigarette 手捲煙 (2021) Review

Here’s a Hong Kong movie title that takes things both literally and figuratively, with the former depicting scenes of (Gordon) Lam Ka-Tung’s Kwan Chiu patiently filling a handful of loose-leaf tobacco onto a thin sheet of paper by hand.

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The Attorney 一級指控 (2021) Review

I have been looking forward to The Attorney <一級指控> ever since the legal drama was promoted in HKTDC Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART). That was back in 2019 and apart from the poster and trailer released at the time, the movie somehow went under the radar.

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