Fierce Cop 烈探 (2022) Review

After spending more than a decade writing action screenplays for high-profile movies including the Ip Man <葉問> quadrilogy (2008-2019), Special ID <特殊身份> (2013) and Master Z: Ip Man Legacy <葉問外傳:張天志> (2018), Chan Tan-Li finally got his chance to direct his own action movie.

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Come Back Home 搜救 (2022) Review

Taking a break from martial arts/action-movie roles for a change, Donnie Yen tries to flex his dramatic chops in Come Back Home <搜救>. The movie also marked the return of Lo Chi-Leung — his first movie in seven years since he last directed The Vanished Murderer <消失的兇手> in 2015.

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