Moscow Mission 莫斯科行动 (2023) Review

Another month, another Herman Yau. Moscow Mission <莫斯科行动> marks his fourth directorial effort this year after The White Storm 3: Heaven or Hell <掃毒3: 人在天涯>, Death Notice <暗殺風暴> and Raid on the Lethal Zone <绝地追击>.

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The Captain 中国机长 (2019) Review

Following a string of mediocre-to-disappointing efforts such as 2010’s Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen <夜行俠陳真> and this year’s Kung Fu Monster <武林怪兽>, Andrew Lau’s once-lauded directing prowess is increasingly diminishing as years go by.

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Manhunt 追捕 (2017) Review

Having missed the movie last year due to the limited screenings in my local cinemas, it took me a long while before I finally managed to watch John Woo’s Manhunt <追捕>. It was supposed to be his highly-anticipated comeback to the modern action genre after spending over a decade helming period/historical dramas, notably on the two-parter Red Cliff <赤壁> and The Crossing <太平輪>. I was hoping that Woo’s latest movie managed to recapture the good old days of his Hong Kong gun-fu actioner reminiscent of The Killer <喋血双雄> and Hard Boiled <辣手神探>.

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