Shadows 殘影空間 (2023) Review

It sure feels like forever waiting for Shadows <殘影空間> to finally arrive in cinemas after years of postponement. The psychological thriller made its debut at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival in 2020 before it screened in several other film festivals the year after.

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A Guilty Conscience 毒舌大狀 (2023) Review

At the time of writing, A Guilty Conscience <毒舌大狀> has already made HK$30 million and still counting at the Hong Kong box office, proving Dayo Wong’s hot streak continues since hitting the jackpot in Agent Mr Chan <棟篤特工> five years ago.

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Warriors of Future 明日戰記 (2022) Review

Making a local sci-fi film is a tough sell in Hong Kong, let alone one that cost a whopping HK$450 million (!) budget. The movie in question is Warriors of Future <明日戰記>, which was originally released in China and Hong Kong cinemas in August but viewers in the rest of the countries can finally get their chance to stream it on Netflix beginning Friday.

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Shock Wave 2 拆彈專家2 (2020) Review

Riding the trend of franchise-focused thematic sequels populated by the likes of Overheard <竊聽風雲>, The White Storm <掃毒> and Line Walker <使徒行者> film series, Shock Wave 2 <拆彈專家2> follows the footsteps by having the same actor (in this case, Andy Lau) but with new characters and storyline altogether.

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