One More Chance 別叫我”賭神” (2023) Review

Originally titled Be Water, My Friend <驕陽歲月> when it was filmed in 2019, this long-delayed Hong Kong dramedy has since settled with a more mainstream-friendly (and generic-sounding) English title, One More Chance <別叫我”賭神”>. The Cantonese title, though, is literally known as “Don’t Call Me God of Gamblers”, an apparent reference to Chow Yun-Fat’s iconic Ko Chun character in the 1989 genre classic.

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20 Years Later: Infernal Affairs 無間道 (2002)

Infernal Affairs <無間道> celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. This is the movie that reunites Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai since their last collaboration in The Tigers <五虎將之決裂> back in 1991. And most of all, it famously re-defined the oft-told undercover genre by giving it a then-fresh twist.

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Project Gutenberg 無雙 (2018) Review

Hong Kong movies that deal with counterfeit money is nothing new. But in the case of Project Gutenberg <無雙>, this would mark the first time ever where we get to see the detailed process of counterfeit money in a methodical manner.

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