The 20 HKFA Best Films of the 1980s

The Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA) has an illustrious history spanning 40 years since its inception in 1982. Basically Hong Kong’s answer to the Academy Awards, the HKFA has nominated a total of 41 movies in the Best Film category throughout the 1980s era. Allen Fong’s Italian neorealist-inspired family melodrama Father and Son <父子情> became the first-ever recipient awarded the Best Film and Best Director awards.

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35 Years Later: City On Fire 龍虎風雲 (1987)

1987 was a banner year for then-32-year-old Chow Yun Fat, who largely dominated the Hong Kong box office with several notable hits, namely A Better Tomorrow II <英雄本色續集> and An Autumn’s Tale <秋天的童話>.

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5 Best Ringo Lam Movies

Over the last two days, the Hong Kong film industry and the world cinema in general have unfortunately lost Ringo Lam, the legendary Hong Kong auteur who reportedly died in his sleep at the age of 63. Although his last two movies in Wild City <迷城> (2015) and Sky On Fire <冲天火> (2016) were greeted with less-than-enthusiastic responses, it’s hard to deny that his filmmaking influence has inspired generations of other filmmakers around the world. Here are his five best movies that resonate me the most over the course of his decades-long career as a director.

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