The Trough 低壓槽 (2018) Review

After spending the last few years directing two horror movies including Hungry Ghost Ritual <盂蘭神功> (2014) and Keeper of Darkness <陀地驅魔人> (2015), acclaimed HK actor Nick Cheung tries his hand at different genre this time around: a seedy crime thriller titled The Trough <低壓槽>, in which he also leads the role as an undercover cop.

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Manhunt 追捕 (2017) Review

Having missed the movie last year due to the limited screenings in my local cinemas, it took me a long while before I finally managed to watch John Woo’s Manhunt <追捕>. It was supposed to be his highly-anticipated comeback to the modern action genre after spending over a decade helming period/historical dramas, notably on the two-parter Red Cliff <赤壁> and The Crossing <太平輪>. I was hoping that Woo’s latest movie managed to recapture the good old days of his Hong Kong gun-fu actioner reminiscent of The Killer <喋血双雄> and Hard Boiled <辣手神探>.

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A Better Tomorrow 2018 英雄本色2018 (2018) Review

Ding Sheng is no stranger to rebooting a classic HK movie. He already did it once in Police Story 2013 <警察故事2013>, revitalising the hugely-popular franchise inside out with a more labyrinthine storyline in the vein of Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon and even reduced Jackie Chan’s usual renegade cop role into a moody protagonist. A bold move nonetheless, even though Ding Sheng’s overall effort was more of a mixed result that didn’t exactly reaches its full potential.

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Keep Calm And Be A Superstar 臥底巨星 (2018) Review

When I first saw the trailer of Vincent Kok’s Keep Calm And Be A Superstar <臥底巨星>, I was particularly enjoyed how he choose to spoof Jackie Chan’s movies and even filled the clip towards the end with the famous Police Story <警察故事> theme. But upon finally watching the whole movie, this wannabe spoof of an action comedy is disappointingly low on laughs.

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Our Time Will Come 明月幾時有 (2017) Review

Ann Hui’s Our Time Will Come <明月幾時有> has recently won her a record-breaking sixth Best Director win at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards. The acclaimed wartime drama was also the biggest winner of that night, nabbing five awards in total.

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Husband Killers 女士復仇 (2017) Review

Scantily-clad babes, Category III rating and of course, the once-popular “girl with guns” subgenre populated by Clarence Fok and Wong Jing’s seminal Naked Killer <赤裸羔羊> back in 1992 is making a comeback of sorts in the form of Fire Lee’s Husband Killers <女士復仇>.

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